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"Service and kindness, without expectation of reward.
To serve is the reward."

Funeral Flowers

Now Offering Cremation Services

Not only do we provide cremation services, but we are also the only provider of local cremation in the Cayman Islands.

In-Home Funeral Arrangements

During a loss, the family is tasked with making final arrangements for their loved one. During this period time constraints on the family can be very stressful. We understand and have introduced our "In Home Funeral Arrangement" program. Our staff will come to you to make arrangements, help with casket selection by using our "virtual casket selection room', collect all information needed for legal documents, radio and newspaper information, program information, and flower selection.

After arrangements are complete, we are still available to the family to help with any errands necessary. We will pick up clothing for the deceased, meet and transfer friends and family at the airport, or any other tasks, as a way to lighten the burden on the family. All of the extra services come at no charge, and are meant as a way to help families though this difficult time in their lives.

Grief Counseling

Our Senior Funeral Director Scott Ruby is a certified grief counselor with extensive education, training and experience in helping people of all ages deal with the death of a loved one. We have the genuine desire to reach out to our community to provide them with guidance on dealing with their loss.

Click here to view our grief counseling page with helpful articles.

Our Promise To You

Memorial Services

Bodden Funeral is committed to serving all families in their time of grief. Often times, the need for funeral services brings an economic burden to the family along with the emotional suffering death brings to bear. Taking care of our family's emotional needs, as well as their financial well being is paramount in the service we provide. In that light Bodden Funeral has established new package prices and discounts:

Civil Service discounts:
Any employee or retiree of government and their spouse will receive a 10% discount on any package price.

Servants of Faith:
Any member and their spouse of a church that serves in the capacity of, secretary, music director, youth minister, Sunday school teacher deacon, organist, and the like will receive a 10% discount on any package price. Members and retirees of clergy and their spouse will receive a 15% discount on any package price.

Services discounts:

Any employee or retiree of fire, police or emergency rescue services, and their spouse will receive a 15% discount on any package price. If a death occurs in the line of duty, funeral services will be done at no charge, and the family will only be charged wholesale cost of the casket of choice.

Social Services:
Families working within the guidelines of social services will receive funeral services and a casket for the amount social services will pay, thereby making it unnecessary for the family to incur additional cost.

Children Service:
Any child that passes under the age of 18 will receive funeral cost and a casket at no cost.

Tragic Passing:
Any member of our community that passes in an accidental or unnatural manner will receive funeral cost at no charge, and a casket at wholesale cost.

We understand and feel the burden of the economy every day. Our focus is to do whatever we can to help you ease that burden for your family.