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Should your loved one die at home:

Inform the police — call 911

Call Bodden Funeral Home, 24-Hour service for transfer of your loved one.

When coming to make arrangements, please bring a passport or birth certificate of your loved one.

If Hospice Care is present, just call 949-7464 for Bodden Funeral Home.

Should your loved one die in a hospital while overseas:

Place a collect call to Bodden Funeral Home at 345-949-7464.

Give us your name and telephone number and we will put you in touch with our representative or a funeral home in that area. They will make the necessary arrangements and send your loved one to us, as well as bill us for all the expenses incurred.

If you are in Cayman at the time, just call us.

Should your loved one die in a hospital in Cayman:

Kindly inform the Nursing Staff that you are requesting the services of Bodden Funeral Home. They in turn will call us for the transfer of your loved one.

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