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In Loving Memory
Shenni Vanessa Pamela DaCosta
Service Date Sunday, 30th November, 2014
Aston Rutty Centre
Petrus van der Bol
Service Date Monday, 17th November, 2014
First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman
Ann Tyler
Service Date Wednesday, 12th November, 2014
St. Ignatius Catholic Church
Chris Bain
Service Date Sunday, 9th November, 2014
Theo Bodden Memorial Funeral Home
Joan Walter
Service Date Sunday 9 November, 2014
Webster United Memorial Church
George Ebanks
Service Date Saturay, 11th October, 2014
Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church
Hyacinth Nixon
Service Date November, 2 2014
First Assembly of God
Henry Dixon
Service Date October 26, 2014
Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre
Mary Bowyer
Service Date October 24, 2014
Prospect Cemetery
Rocky Hobday
Service Date October 18, 2014
McArthur Golf Club
Iva Ebanks
Service Date October 18, 2014
Church of God
Beatrice Hatch
Service Date October 3, 2014
Interment at Prospect Cemetery
Abshire Bodden
Service Date October 4, 2014
Church of God
John Jackson
Service Date October, 4, 2014
Church of God
Carlyle McLaughlin
Service Date Sept 21, 2014
Craddock Ebanks Civic Center
Solomon Webster
Service Date Sept 20, 2014
Wesleyab Holiness Church
Magarito Chantilope
Service Date July 27, 2014
Aston Rutty Civic Centre
Fabienne Bodden
Service Date July 26, 2017
Curch of God Chapel
Rita Rankine
Service Date July 20, 2014
Countryside Church of God
Sylvie Henning
Service Date July 19, 2014
West Bay Cemetery
Hemmings Jackson
Service Date July 20, 2014
Veteran's and Seaman's Building
Hilary Forde
Service Date July 12, 2014
Bodden Funeral Home Chapel
Niva Scott
Service Date April 26, 2014
Aston Rutty Centre
Simone Tomkins
Service Date June 14, 2014
St. Ignatius Catholic Church
Edward Bodden
Service Date July 6, 2014
Crossroad United Baptist Church
Mary Henderson
Service Date June 5, 2014
St. Ignatius Catholic Church
Estranna Dilbert
Service Date May 31, 2014
Church of God Holiness
Katherine Keogh
Service Date May 10, 2014
Bodden Funeral Home Chapel
William Rivers
Service Date May 2nd, 2014
Bodden Funeral Home Chapel
Oral Ebanks
Service Date April 13, 2014
Church of God Chapel
Emma Hislop
Service Date April 12, 2014
Agape Family Worship Centre
Carville Martin Scott
Service Date April 11, 2014
West End Cemetery
Arthur Chisholm
Service Date April 4, 2014
North Side United Church
Jenes Smith
Service Date Feb 23, 2014
Church of God Universal
Mary Eloise Jackson
(nee Parson)
Service Date Feb 8, 2014
West Bay Cemetery
George Myrick Ebanks
Service Date Feb 8, 2014
Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church
Kenneth John Hay
Service Date Jan 30, 2014
Elmslie Memorial United Church
of God
Buel Ebanks
Service Date Jan 20, 2014
West Bay Chapel Church
of God
Mary Lou Foster
Service Date Dec 29, 2013
Crossroads United
Baptist Church
Bernard Edwin Chisholm
Service Date Dec 14, 2013
William Pouchie Memorial United Church
Delroy Josephs
Service Date Nov 30, 2013
St. Ignatius Catholic Church
Jordan Anthony Ebanks
Service Date Nov 23, 2013
First Baptist Church
Vedette Telford
Service Date Nov 16, 2013
Red Bay Church of God
Lula Davidson
Service Date Nov 16, 2013 10am
Church of God Chapel
Jen Farrington
Service Date Nov 6, 2013 10am
First Baptist Church
Damion Rose
Service Date Nov 3, 2013 1PM
Kings Seventh Day Adventist Church
Lera Parchment
Service Date Oct 27, 2013 3PM
Wesleyan Holiness Church
Fred Ryan
Service Date Oct 20, 2013 3PM
Aston Rutty Centre
Doris Davidson
Service Date Oct 19, 2013 10AM
Church of God (Universal)
Rita Ebanks
Service Date Oct 17, 2013 10AM
Bodden Funeral Home Chapel
Mary Jane Bodden
Service Date Oct 14, 2013 4PM
Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church
Coburn Walt Miller
Service Date Oct 5, 2013
Andrea Denise Castro
Service Date Sept 14, 2013
Henry Joesph McKeever
Service Date Sept 8, 2013
Evort Earl Ebanks
Service Date Sept 1, 2013
Mary Stewart
Service Date Aug 31, 2013
Gertrude Felicia Grizzel-De'Osca
Service Date Aug 25, 2013
Sherman Harwell Ebanks
Service Date Aug 24, 2013
Helen Harquail
Service Date Aug 24, 2013
Marrilla Ebanks
Service Date Aug 10, 2013
Desmond Chisholm
Service Date Aug 10, 2013
C. Charles Adams
Service Date Aug 6, 2013
Elvern Kinsley Hurlstone
Service Date July 28, 2013
Ann Vienna O'Sullivan Tibbetts
Service Date July 27, 2013
Kathleen Alea Scott
Service Date July 21,2013
"Today's funeral traditions offer families in need many appropriate ways to honour the life of a loved one. We help families choose from many affordable options to arrange a service that is both distinguished and comforting.

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Grief Counseling
Complete Packages
Personalized Programs

Since 1957, Cayman Islands Bodden Funeral Home has been a caring part of our community and has helped many families over the years honour the life and mourn the loss of loved ones. We have served Cayman Island families of all faiths and cultures with professionalism and compassion. We understand a person's needs during such times of emotional stress and we help take care of all the details and arrangements required. We do so with the same respect, dignity and compassion as we would our own families.

Our experienced staff are professionals you can trust. They have been extensively trained and are available in any emergency to help 24 hours a day. Their meticulous attention to detail and caring guidance will lead you through the decision making process and assist in planning a unique, personalized tribute to your loved one.

We have a beautiful selection of quality caskets from which to choose and we will personalize them to your specifications.

We will handle all of the necessary funeral arrangements, including completion of required documents, permits and the coordination with your church and cemetery. Also, we arrange obituary notices, radio announcements, funeral programs and flowers.

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